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Stratis - herzlos

Electroband with a great variety of electronic styles founded in the early eighties by the greek Antonios Stratis and the german Albert Klein . Well known through their all time electro-classic "Herzlos". Several releases on the british ICR Label of Colin Potter ( Nurse With Wound …). After years of silence they released 2004 the CDr "Herzlos" and 2006 new material on the CD "As Life Goes By". "Mokoyaro" a 5 LP Box Set, an Anthology of the musical output 1982 - 85… read more

In recent years music-passionates/interests and labels like VOD-Records have discovered and realized the importance of electronic musicans like STRATIS on a broader perspective with a much bigger picture on Stratis musical output and possible listeners-journey beyond alltime Classics like „Herzlos“.

Last release. artist: stratis title: mokoyaro 1982 - 1985 format: vinyl - 5 lp box plus 7inch for members label: vinyl on demand release date: october 2012. this box is a complete anthology of the musical output and works by albert klein and antonios s...

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Stratis - HerzlosStratis - HerzlosStratis - Herzlos